Bridal season

The summer months are a time for weddings and my busiest time.  Between June and September this year I have over 90 dresses to alter, re-work or make from scratch.   It's hard and stressful work especially when some brides consider their 'look' the most important factor of the wedding and every stitch is scrutinised!

I understand the dress has to be perfect. The most common comment I get is...."I want to look at the photos in 10 years time and see how perfect I looked in my dress". Cynical me wonders if the marriage would survive that long!

Mothers of the brides can also be so cruel to their daughters. Some remind their darlings that the diet should have started months before the wedding and perhaps they should have bought a dress one size up so at least it can be taken in if needed. At least they do appreciate how hard it is (if at all possible) to make a dress bigger.  Fortunately it hasn't happened very often and I'm happy to say with those that needed I did work some magic and the bride looked beautiful once more; usually at mothers expense.

Most brides have no idea how to sew on a button  let alone work with a sea of tulle and lace but their expectations are that Cinderella (me!) can create their look in the blink of an eye.  I'm good but miracles do take a bit longer!

Just recently I had a couple of brides who examined their bodies in the dress with scientific detail.  It was painful to watch and stressful to work with them. At each fitting the tiniest thing had to be changed. Some I agree like hiding a nipple with a strategically placed piece of lace but moving an odd bead on an already beaded dress was going a bit far. I did it with gritted teeth and a smile, after all one cannot argue with a bride!

So my season continues and I'm ever hopeful I have no more brides who may cause me some stress.  I can only hope the remaining are realistic and happy with all I do........I'll keep you posted!