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Lonely in Lockdown!

What a strange time we're living in right now. Who'd have thought my main work would be making masks. All my lovely brides have had to cancel their weddings for now which meant no work for me so making masks has kept me going.

For the first time being on my own has been hard. Thank goodness I decided after 4 years it was time to have another dog in my life. Say hello to Dillon!

This little scruffy scamp has been a life saver. Typical puppy, wanting attention, lots of play and lots of love.

He's a gorgeous cross breed and now at 7 months old starting to behave! However I feel he makes me smile. I have no choice but to go for a walk which now is a pleasure. I'm very lucky to live close by some lovely woodland walks and isn't it strange how you get to know the names of other dogs but hardly ever the owners!

Lockdown has been a taster for when I retire, which won't be for a couple of years now. Next year will be catch up with re-planned weddings as well as those who planned to marry in 2021. So I'm hoping for a bumper year!

Dillon should be perfectly trained by then?? (I can only hope!)

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