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What to make now?

There's only so much cleaning/tidying one can do? It's a continual circle at the moment. A few brave brides have realised the importance of marriage and have gone ahead with their weddings. Minimal guests and masked!

Bits and pieces of varied work are coming in, never realised how much I enjoy my work! It's strange........when I'm busy working my mind is full of creative ideas I want to do for myself. Now, with hardly any work I can't think of any. Started making dog coats. Sadly Dillon doesn't like wearing one so no model there! Been knitting handbags ......I don't knit but big needles and chunky wool are turning into half decent bags! I'll put them for sale on my Etsy shop so take a look?

Back in March when the world turned upside down I was pleased to have the time to make me a new wardrobe. Hadn't tailored for years so it was nice to make a flashy pink jacket for myself and finally, after 20 years, turned my Armani fabric into a fabulous coat! Even though I made a few clothes my fabric stash hasn't been dented!

This is my pink jacket, bright isn't it? Below is the Armani. Lining was over 20 year old stash. Loved it but never knew what to make from it. Lining seemed right.

The fabric and lining before!

Me wearing it! Love the pattern.

Be great in all sorts of fabrics.

Maybe it's time to look at the stash again and be inspired!

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